Consulting Navigation Course

Being a consultant – providing people and companies with a skill that can help you make money in the process can help you in so many different ways:

– Making more money for yourself!

– Gaining hands on experience in a new industry (you can use this experience later to get a new job or start a new business)! – Use the practice to add an additional income stream!


We’ll see you inside the course. 🙂

What you'll learn
How to build your portfolio of clients
How to take on business, even when you don't have an online presence or a website
The right way to build your reputation in your new consulting industry
How to close repeatable business and deals
How to close business that allows you to maximize your time, giving you more time to spend with your family and loved ones, or even doing the things you love.
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by Brandon Omoregie
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This course includes
  • Free E-book: Starting from Scratch: How to go from 0-7 figures with no money
  • Downloadable content
Durations: 10 week
Lectures: 0
Maximum Students: 1000
Skill level: beginner